Delphi10.2 VCL Forms Application 的构成

Delphi10.2 项目的构成(File Extensions of Files Generated by RAD Studio)

Step1、打开 Delphi10.2,选择【File | New | VCL Forms Application - Delphi】,创建一个 Delphi 应用程序;


Step2、选择【File | Save All】,将我们的默认Delphi程序保存到一个独立的文件夹(例如 F:\Delphi10.2\First)中;


Step3、在 Project Manager 中的 Build Configurations 和 Target Platforms 选项中分别选择 32位 Debug、32 位 Release、64位 Debug和64位 Release组合,并按【F9】运行我们的程序;



并且 Win32(Win64) 的 Debug(Release) 目录下文件如下:

下面结合 Delphi10.2 的帮助文件说明下每个文件的具体意义:

【Project1.dpr】Delphi project source; when compiled, produces .exe, .dll, or .ocx file.
【Project1.dproj】Delphi project file created by the IDE. Contains the current settings for project options, such as compiler and linker settings, directories, conditional directives, and command-line parameters. Set these options using Project > Options. This file is not used when compiling a project from the command line using the command line compiler.
【Project1.dproj.local】User-specific project options.
【Project1.identcache】Information used for refactoring.
【Project1.res】Compiled and uncompiled resource files.
【Unit1.dfm】A Windows VCL form file.
【Unit1.pas】Delphi source file.
【_history 文件夹】 When Tools > Options > Editor Options > Create backup files is enabled, There are now three versions of the file stored in the current directory in a hidden directory named __history.
【_recovery 文件夹】 When Tools > Options > Environment Options > AutoRecover is enabled, RAD Studio saves the recovery files in the hidden folder called _recovery, in the folder of your project.
【Win32 文件夹 】Output folder, 32-bit Windows platform
【Win64 文件夹】 Output folder, 64-bit Windows platform
【Project1.exe】 应用程序
【Unit1.dcu】Delphi compiled unit file.

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